Aggregating the Result of an MDX Calculation Using Scoped Assignments

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I don’t usually like to blog about topics that I think other people have blogged about already, but despite the fact that Mosha blogged about this several years ago (in fact more than eight years ago, blimey) this particular problem comes up so often with my customers and on the MSDN Forum that I thought I should write something about it myself. So apologies if you know this already…

Here’s the problem description. If you define a calculated measure in MDX, that calculation will take place after the real measure values have all aggregated. For example, consider a super-simple cube with a Year dimension, two real measures called A and B and a calculated measure called [A * B] that returned the value of A multiplied by B. In a PivotTable you’d see the following result:


Note how the Grand Total for the [A * B] calculated measure is 12*16=192…

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